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How To become a BoMa Model ?

If you’re here it’s because you want to become a model or just because you love getting naked. A beautiful job, stressless and very charming.

Bonsoir Mademoiselle is giving you the opportunity to become more popular and make your number of fans on facebook, Twitter, instagram  growing very fast !

We are accepting every body, we juste want one thing : A picture of you as mush sexy as possible ( naked is the best but if you don’t want to get naked I can understand ). In that picture you need to write on your skin ” Bonsoir Mademoiselle . fr ”

The slogan of Bonsoir Mademoiselle is ” The Art of nakedness ” so you understand that the picture needs to be as much sexy as possible. The more sexiest it is the more visitors will follow you on social networks.

SO JOIN ME AT : mademoisellebonsoir@gmail.com