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BoMa Model : Vivi Estrada

How to become a BoMa model ( Bonsoir Mademoiselle Model ) :



Her Sexy story :

Modeling is Vivi Estrada’s passion, since she was a little girl modeling has been her dream. Those who have worked with Vivi will tell you she is very professional, dedicated, and very easy to work with. As you can see she is very photogenic.

Vivi Estrada was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and is true Island girl at heart. Vivi has only been modeling for about 2 years since a photographer approached her at Pet-smart while she was buying dog food. After that she began modeling.

Vivi Estrada is experienced with every style of modeling. This includes bikini, makeup, hair,beauty, lingerie, fashion, editorial and pinup. Vivi has also done several commercials which are currently airing. She is frequent promotional model and she makes public appearances at events, fashion shows, promotional events as a spokesmodel and brand ambassador. Some if her promotional events include Castrol Oil, Coca Cola, Att&t, and wine& liquor promotions.

Aside from Modeling Vivi Estrada loves to spend time with her family. She is a wife and a mother of two handsome little boys. Vivi loves the beach and being near the water.

Vivi Estrada is so much more than just a pretty face. Her personality and her brains has kept her employed as a government employee.

Before starting, make sure you’re following Vivi Estrada on social networks :   ( OMP ID: 979570 )


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