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BoMa Model : Jacqui Childs

How to become a BoMa model ( Bonsoir Mademoiselle Model ) :https://www.bonsoirmademoiselle.fr/how-to-become-a-bm-model/


Her Sexy story :

I was a model/actress from age 15 to 25 working on a variety of projects including print media, commercials, Venus Swimsuit Catalog and movie extra work. After a 15 year hiatus, I am back at age 40 and I have been told that I do not look or act a day over 30 Lol! Currently I am a Naked News Anchor (Melissa) and working model looking for a variety of projects. I only do paid assignments unless there is a GUARANTEED PUBLICATION. I am formally trained in hair and make-up and own an extensive wardrobe.

I’m hoping to connect with others in the industry that would like to work with me.
I’m very easy going, extremely reliable and ALWAYS on time. I take direction well and I am very professional.

I’ve got some BIG goals for the year ahead …I’m sure there’s some MMs to help me get there!

Thanks for looking …hope to work together soon:)

Before starting, make sure you’re following Jacqui Childs on social networks :


Instagram : jacquichilds

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