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BoMa Model : Tuscany Lee

How to become a BoMa model ( Bonsoir Mademoiselle Model ) :https://www.bonsoirmademoiselle.fr/how-to-become-a-bm-model/


Her Sexy Story :

Tuscany Lee here ☺ I’ve been a freelance model for 5 years now. As a freelance model I manage my own modeling career without help from an agency. I love doing all kinds of shoots; boudoir, fashion, gore and horror, implied, nudes, etc. I’ve been published multiple times and landed the cover of a romance novel once! Aside from modeling I specialize in model coordinating. I teach gals and men how to pose, work on facial expressions, how to use your wardrobe in a whole new way for shoots, looking/booking photographers, finding gigs.. any and everything to do with this industry I can help with!”


Before starting, make sure you’re following Tuscany Lee on social networks :

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/TuscanyModel

Twitter :@sexytuscanylee

Instagram :@tuscanylee

Tumblr :@tuscanyleem

Bonsoir mademoiselle

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bonsoir mademoiselle

I can ear your heart beating very fast, but don’t worry it’s normal. I recognize that she is one of the beautifulest girl alive

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